Some plans change, but some don’t….Emma & Claire, Florida May, 2023

the original plan….
When Danny & I were visiting Sara & her family in February, she asked if I could come back in May to step in for the Nanny as she was going on vacation that week.  It was going to happen during my long road trip, but I didnt want to miss this opportunity to see the girls.  So, I made early plans to fly from Vegas, stopping my road trip for 10 days to go to Florida.

the new plan….
But, when life took a twist while I was in Utah, the road trip was cancelled (for now), the flight was rebooked from Kansas City, and I was still determined to go.  The past three weeks, since Ive been home, have been crazy, not great & a lesson in patienceso far, Im scoring an F. My symptoms still happen everyday, I now have a cardiologist, which has ordered quite a few tests.  But the problem is they are weeks out…so many sick people & not so many people to run the tests.  And, so I wait, feeling like crap & my life went from energetic & active, to a standstill, perplexing, worrisome & very, very boring.

As Danny drove me to the airport to fly to Florida, we were both wondering how smart it was for me to get on a plane for three hours as I was feeling awful.  And while I wanted to see the girls, be helpful & see Sara, who has been trying hard to figure this health thing out & a huge advocate for me, the last thing I wanted was to get into yet another far away state & possibly end up in another ER.  Although, I guess the good thing about this ER, would be that my super smart daughter is a fantastic physician there.  And, I also didn’t want to get there a be a PROBLEM…I wanted to just be me.  While everyone doesn’t get me or appreciate my high energy, Claire & Emma do…& I never want to disappoint them.  And, so I went.  

It was hard & a bit of a struggle, but by the time I landed in Orlando, I was feeling better…& grateful I hadn’t stroked out or at least passed out along the way (I know that sounds dramatic, but until you spend hours dealing with mysterious symptoms that might be your heart or your brain, you don’t know how you’d feel).

These symptoms come & go…I can feel it begin to happen.  One thing we have figured out (about the only thing) is that my blood pressure is suddenly dropping into the 80’s…which makes me feel awful.  I’m sure the worse symptoms are because of that, but we have to figure out WHY the BP is dropping.  Enough boring talk…lets get to the fun!

Claire is playing her first year of softball & Emma her first year of t-ball.  Fun to watch them both!

IMG 1350.JPG

IMG 1449.JPG

IMG 1452.JPG

Claire draws during one of Emma’s games….she is growing up so fast!

Claire is learning how to sew.  I gave her a sewing kit for Valentines Day & we started to learn last February.  She’s doing great & seems to enjoy it.

The family had a Bat Mitzvah to go to….they all look fantastic dressed up!

At my request when I was here in February, the girls had drawn pictures of a monster.  I took the pictures home & made them into stuffies…not perfect, but they don’t expect perfection from me….just fun things!

IMG 1391.JPG IMG 1394.JPG

Emma & I built a new fort everyday, while Claire was in school all day.

IMG 1427.JPG

IMG 1476.JPG

This is Emmas last year at pre-school & they had a celebration.  Sara will be so happy, as well as Emma & Claire, to be going to the same school next year.  We have a kindergartener! 

Sara has a new electric bike & loves it.  It’s big enough she can tote both girls around with her & they are really enjoying that!

IMG 1397.JPG

IMG 1468.JPG

Emma & Claire love to ride their bikes too.  But Emma is still learning how to ride a pedal bike….but boy can she go fast on her strider bike!

IMG 1627.JPG

It was great to get to be there over Mothers Day.  Emma & Claire made a book for Sara, along with flowers & chocolates & framed pictures.  Claire wanted to do a book signing for Sara. (see the author below.  Claire is so much like Sara at that agevery into reading, writing & authors!)

IMG 1589.JPG

We went out to dinner that night to a place that had good food & a wonderful outdoor space.  The temp was perfect & they also have the girls (all three girls) favorite ice cream store!

IMG 1601.JPG

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