2. Lots of Celebrating!…December 2019

Lots of Sister-Love in this family!

Mostly, there was lots & lots & lots of playing!

And reading—always lots of reading & we love it!

IMG 4941.jpg

And chilling in Camper-Car

And just more cuteness.

Happy 2020!

Earlier in the week I’d told Claire how my Mother would always celebrate the new year with fun, good times & friends.  I told her one NYE my Mom & her girlfriends & I banged pots & pans with wooden spoons on the porch yelling Happy New Year.  Tonight, the tradition would be repeated.  I wish I could attach the video of both girls doing just this on their upper porch.  In between the banging, we watched for fireworks. We made party hats, Claire & her Daddy & Danny went walking through the neighborhood to see more fireworks & we danced to my music & new portable disco ball (my new toy) & at the end of the night   It was a super fun way to spend New Years Eve with a 5 & almost 2 year old!

Today is Claire’s 5th Birthday!

 She is soooo excited as is everyone!  Last night her Aunt, Uncle, two cousins & her other Grandma arrived….we were all ready to help her celebrate!  And what a lucky girl…we’re all headed to the Magic Kingdom for the day!

It had been a BIG BUSY day!  But turning 5 had been a blast!

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