2. My perfect place…Crested Butte 7.2011

After I went to the Farmers Market this morning...in a gentle rain...the sun popped out & the skies cleared.  I quickly decided to go hiking on the Walrod Gulch cut-off trail.  It’s not a long trail, but the first part is straight up...a real lung-buster

there are caves towards the top of this trail.  This trail is known, not for it’s big mountain scenery, but for it’s wildflowers.  This is the 3rd time I’ve hiked this trail & it’s never disappointed

the mountain side is covered in flowers

the trail is just lined with wildflowers

the views are nice too

So, I finished that hike, drove a few miles to another low-elevation hike I’ve done before...just to try to get another hike in before the day or the nice weather ended

as I started down the West Brush Creek trail...I heard thunder in the distance.  I’ve been on this trail once before & found myself running hard to get to the car as lightening burst above my head...so I wasn’t going to make that mistake again

I got back in the car & just drove down the road taking in the beautiful valley.  As I was headed back toward town, the rain came down in torrents...then the hail....lasted for about 15 minutes

The bad weather has stopped, the temps have dropped about 15 degrees, I’ve eaten dinner at my fav local pizza place, the Secret Stash, & am headed out to Gothic Road to find a camp spot for the night (hopefully for the next few days)

I have 1/2 the slice left & some really good beer...think that will be my late night snack...dessert will be the view


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