7. My perfect place…Crested Butte 7.2011

Sunday 7.17....

after breakfast, Laura & I rode up the mountain in the gondola to our trailhead...the See Forever Trail (this knocked off a huge part of the climb)

it’s still a 1700’ climb in 2.5 miles....but the views were super nice

the trail just kept going up & up & up to a little over 13,000’

but one good thing about hiking the ski run is there was a super-nice bathroom near the top...so much better than a bush

the trail popped out on the other side of the mountain...and the views were spectacular!  the trail narrowed, was mostly scree or rock or snowfields (ick!), but everything around us was amazing!

pretty much the only flower we’d seen near the ski run trail, were dandelions....but once we started down on the other side of the mountain, the flowers were fantastic...growing in little clusters in the rocks (& one really weird shaped tree)

one our way down (& boy, we kept descending all afternoon), the trail took us by the old Nellie Mine...so much junk..but some of it kind of interesting looking

the waterfalls were magnificent...& we kept going down & down & down (did I say that already?)...a total of 6 miles, & 4300’ --- the rock or scree really get to the bottom of your feet, & the last snowfield  was super-nasty.  It was definitely an amazing hike...included everything...a tough climb, awesome views, an uncrowded trail, beautiful flowers & good company

We left Telluride & had a really yummy dinner at “True Grit” in Ridgeway...where part of the original movie was filmed...they make a veggie burger that’s out of this world.  We got back to CB around 7:30, I said good-bye to Laura & took off to camp for the night.  It’s really been great to hike with her... we both admitted we probably wouldn’t have done today’s whole hike solo....and it was fun to have her to hike with.  We have very different lives....but so much in common when it comes to hiking, nature & the outdoors.  Hopefully, I’ll get to hike again with her before I leave


Monday 7.18....

today’s been a busy one.  I started out the morning zip lining!  5 of them on the side of Mt. Crested Butte...it was something I’d never done before & a lot of fun.  There was only three of us in the group, plus two guides...but no pics....I was busy “paying attention” & just having a blast.

Then I drove out Kebler Pass to hike the Horse Park Ranch loop...a 5+ mile hike through part of Colorado’s largest aspen grove (I sooo wish I could do this hike in the fall when the aspen’s turn golden)  

So, not really a “mountain” hike today, but still nice big views... thought it was best to give my body a little rest :)

there are these strange rock formations you see when you drive along Kebler...on this hike to get closer & closer to them...& then, at the top of the trail, you hike right through one

there were easy & pretty stream crossings

some nice wildflowers…..

some wild life on the trail…..

a huge beaver lodge…..

but the aspens were incredible..

the whole floor underneath this grove was covered in huge ferns...spectacular!

while I thought this hike would be “gentler”, I was drenched in sweat when I got back to the car...4 hours later...but it had been another good day of hiking

some scenes along the pass road on the way back to CB

Once I got to town, I hit my fav dinner spot...the Last Steep...who also make a dynamite veggie burger...2 in 2 days 2 many?  not for me

It started to rain as I finished up my meal, so I took off to the little CB movie theater to catch the new Harry Potter film...it was great!

The skies had cleared & the evening was beautiful by the time the movie was over, so I walked across the street to the town park...

it was a lively, partying crowd listening to Chuck Mead & his Grassy Knoll Boys playing hillbilly music.  These free concerts are so much fun...it’s just they get rained out about 1/2 the time.  But tonight, everyone was have a blast...including me.  Before the last song was over, the rain started..again

It’s been such a fun day...I’m headed to camp...I’m really tired!

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