4. Happy Birthday to me…Florida 1.2011

day 5 - 1.19

 the alarm went off early this morning...at least for a “play-day”...we were meeting Sara then going to Universal Studios...for the whole day.

I have a ton of pics from today...so I’ll make my words brief...just sit back & enjoy the ride! (pics don’t go in any order...I just grouped them together...we actually went back & forth between the parks during the day)

these are pics from the park entry…

we went through “Seuss world”...who doesn’t love this?  such wonderfully creative designs, so huge & bright....just fun & delightful...all the little kids were having a great time!

next stop was the Poseidon adventure area

the newest place...& soooooo perfectly wonderful...was the Harry Potter park.....OMG!  now I have not seen the movies, but have read the books multiple times....this was so great...I really did feel like a 12 year old...loving every minute of it!

this turned out to be one of my fav photos...& what a surprise....look at who all is in the reflection of window?

the shop is actually Olivander’s Wand shop...later in the day I checked out all the wands they sold...and fell in LOVE with them!  they could tell you each character’s wand & they were little works of art!  they all retailed for $30, but were very detailed, made of carved woods (all different) & metal...a real keepsake...and after all, who can’t use a really cool magic wand?

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