6. Happy Birthday to me…Florida 1.2011

the evening ended with a giant fireworks display...Disney does fireworks supremely.

All of us were dead on our feet, so, unlike the past two nights, we didn’t close up this park....instead, we just drove back to the hotel, said good night to the best, most brave, strong-stomached & extremely patient theme park guide (Sara).  We managed to stay up long enough to re-pack all of our stuff in anticipation of our early check-out in the morning.

day 8- 1.22

we all slept pretty well, finished packing easily & headed for downtown Orlando.  our first stop was Starbucks, then we met Sara at her super cool condo that overlooks the park & the lake near downtown.

we visited with her for a little while, thanked her for all of her hospitality, said our good-byes & hugged.

the three of us stopped for lunch together, our last visit for this trip & headed to the airport.  soon it was time for Sherri & I to say goodbye to Jill.....hugs all around.

it had been a fun trip....another one to fill the memory banks & photo albums.  So wonderful to see Sara...it always is & I know how precious her time off is....special of her to spend some of it with us!

the disappointments:

  1. first & foremost was the way all the really fun rides put me down....I know there was no way to anticipate that & nothing to do about it, but I’d rather be strong-stomached, tough & adventurous...but then, I haven’t eaten meat for the past 18 years because I think it’s ....icky & gross.....oh well.
  2. that Disney doesn’t do coffee (seriously....iced coffee from a machine? & no real cream?) or internet access well.  Guess neither one of these petty points is a kid-thing.....but what about all those adult footing the bills?.....get on board Disney!  it’s 2011!

the best, most awesome, fantastic top of the list:

  1. All things Harry Potter (except the flying-ride)....I felt like I was just as excited as any of the little kids dressed in wizard robes & brandishing wands!  The scene was just perfect...so much better than I could ever imagine, all the shops, props & THE BUTTER BEER!....walking through the castle was wonderful...I wished we could have done that a second time...I really wished I could just be let loose in there for several hours just to keep looking around!  soooo  much   fffffuuuuuunnnnn!
  2. the Electric Parade, followed by the light show on the Castle, followed by amazing fireworks at the Magic Kingdom....just pure explosive happiness
  3. I really do love to see the 3D movies...I’m just a sucker for all of it...they were laugh out loud fun
  4. I am a foodie...although, admittedly a picky-one....Doc Fords was delicious.   And, in spite of being extremely embarrassed, it was fun to meet author Randy Wayne White
  5. love the beach....it’s always wonderful to see & hear the ocean, the moon, the sunsets....always love it
  6. Having Jan with us at the beginning of the trip was great...I hope she enjoyed it & we didn’t scare her off for any future travels.  She has a lot in common with Sherri & Jill....a good mix of great women...I am truly blessed to call them my friends
  7. so great to see Sara....in the place she now calls home.  She is soooo happy & working at a career she loves, living the city life in a beautiful condo, with many friends & always....lots to do.

So, that’s it...finally....took me awhile but that brings us to the end of the trip; thanks for coming along...virtually......

and, as they say at Disney....


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